Shulamit Kopf


“Yet knowing how way leads on to way.”


140cm x 80 cm

So Many Roads

120cm x 100 cm

Yup, I’ve Been Around

108 cm x 99 cm

Ancient Wisdom-Diptych

70 cm x 24.5cm

70 cm x 50 cm


110cm x 95 cm

Hard to Give Up the Past

102 cm x 67 cm

Layers of Time

109 cm x 83 cm

Oranage, Black and Blue

102 cm x 84 cm

Build Monuments with the Stones they Throw at You

90cm x 67


Installation with a ten-meter long painted canvas


In this series, Shulamit Kopf’s works break the traditional mold of

paintings on stretched canvas, transforming them into innovative wall

sculptures on the verge of installation.

Kopf began the "Enfolded" series with paintings on unstretched

canvases, two meters by one meter, depicting roads, ways, and journeys. Since roads tend to meander, circle, intersect, and fold back in time and space, Kopf began folding the canvases to form new intersections, kinds of wormholes.

The works began to take on volume.

With boundless curiosity, Kopf experiments with new materials, trying to answer the question: ”What will happen if I ….”

Kopf’s works don’t fall into easy categories, from traditional painting to sculpture to installation.

This series was exhibited in 2021 in the Tel Aviv Artist House and in Jerusalem's International Convention Center in 2024.