Shulamit Kopf

Suddenly She Appears

Seen From Above

110cm x 90 cm


140 cm x 96 cm

Jorliss and Tunip Re

130 cm x 90 cm


150 cm x 91 cm

My high Heel Shoe

130 cm x 90 cm

Loud and Clear

119 cm x 81 cm


198cm X 118 cm

Joined at the Hip

144cm x 122 cm

Arial View

200cm x 90 cm


80 cm x 50 cm

Bring it On

200m cm x 100 cm


50 cm x 40 cm

Obedient to the Absurd

Safe For Now

200 cm x98 cm

Autumn Geisha

200 cm x 90 cm

Floating Free

82 cm x 82 cm

A Touch of Crimson

124cm x 90cm

Balinese Dancer

168 cm x 65 cm

Breaking Free

126 cm x 85 cm


123 cm x 82 cm

She’s on his Mind

87cm x 56cm

Galloping102cm x 88cm

Tip Me Over

50 cm x 40 cm


This series deals with the female figure emerging in an abstract painting right before the viewer’s eyes. The paintings, in varying formats, are constructed from layers of color, texture, and other materials with a central and hidden axis being a female figure bearing on her body signs of her struggle to emerge from abstract chaos, the black abyss.

These paintings were presented in a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Artist House on March, 2024.